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Management Profile

Mr. Shyam Sundar Sharma

Mr. Shyam Sundar Sharma (MBA), is the co- founder of Systems Domain, IT training institute since 1997. His visionary goal of starting an institution that can quench the market demands of IT skills is inspired by his selfless attitude towards serving the community and the aphoristic thoughts of Indira Gandhi,

"Education is a liberating force, and in our age it is also a democratizing force, cutting cross the barriers of caste and class, smoothening out inequalities imposed by birth and other circumstances”.

He embarked his professional journey as a Business Manager and soon accomplished his mission to establish an institute to train the aspiring youth of our country to become IT professionals. Enriched with his dedicated efforts, the students of Systems Domain have exceled in their chosen fields making their life fruitful. Systems Domain has reached new heights with more than 12 training institutes across India. His broad vision and tireless endeavors resolve to make Systems Domain to be India’s Numero Uno training organization dedicated to quality education.



Mr.Krishan Agarwal

Mr.Krishan Agarwal (B.E, MBA), is the founder and the driving force behind Systems Domain. It was his far sighted vision and creative thinking that led to a search of an answer to IT demands by providing excellent coaching to IT professionals. His strategy and his belief in the power of Research & Development helped the institution discern a market need well before its time. Being motivated by Robert Frost’s saying “And miles to go before I sleep", he pursue his dream till it get fulfilled.

By conceiving, establishing and nurturing, with the revolutionary aim of spreading computer knowledge, this entrepreneur spawned the growth of System Domain. Under his excellent business acumen and passion to deliver, Systems Domain has spread across various cities, imparting knowledge in every corner of India. It was started with a single center in Bangalore with 11 computers and a small space. Recently, Systems Domain opened its 12 educational institute with the guidance of its founder and strives to be India’s Numero Uno training organization dedicated to quality education.